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I love to get creative with light, texture and colour. For over 10 years I have been creating unique one of a kind designs using a glass on glass technique where glass appears fractured and suspended giving the existence of negative space.

Framed mosaics are featured in cross sections of old fallen trees, century old barn wood, and vintage window frames. The characteristics in the wood grain, the knots,the annual rings, the weathered and cracked paint on the window frames are pieces of art themselves.

You will also find sea glass in my mosaic pieces that has been gathered along the shores of Cape Breton Island and South Korea. In our throw away world, reusing these resources minimizing our environmental impact just makes sense to me.

I also specialize in lanterns- which  make great special occasion gifts or simply add to your home or cottage decor. 


All mosaic glass art designs are merely templates as the glass, colour, textures and individual cuts create the piece. Duplication would not be possible! 


These mosaic glass art pieces can be made into functional cabinets or new window treatments. 


Personalized inscriptions can be added at no extra cost.


If you are looking for a one of a kind creative glass art piece please contact me to discuss design options.


I am proud to say that my glass art work has made its way to many corners of the world: England, Australia, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, South Korea, the US and across Canada including as far as Old Crow, Yukon.

 A HUGE "Thank You" to all my customers who keep me inspired to create and to Wilfrid Laurier University's Brantford Campus, as they challenge me to be creative with very large pieces!

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